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MAXMETRIX provides high quality product design, manufacturing, and engineering services focused primarily on state of the art technology developed for the Defense and Industrial communities. The goal of the corporation is to develop a premier electronic engineering reputation, unique corporate image, and produce high quality products. Utilizing a highly talented staff and state-of-the-art resources, MAXMETRIX has successfully demonstrated its ability to reduce the time-to-market of new sophisticated electronic instrumentation and products for government laboratories and commercial companies.


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In addition to the engineering services Maxmetrix provides during specialized design projects, we have developed a line of Digital Signal Processor based Dynamicaly Tuned Gyro Controllers that interface to one of the most widely used Dual Axis Dynamicaly Tuned Gyros (DTG).

These DTGs are currently being used for:

  • Two and Three-axis rate sensors
  • Iinertial Measurement units (IMU)
  • Line-of-Sight (LOS) Applications
  • Gimbal and Platform Stabilization
  • Tactical Missile Guidance
  • Targeting Gyro Compassing
  • Camera, Antenna and Radar Stabilization
  • Downhole Mapping

Our Dynamicaly Tuned Gyro Controllers (DTGC) provide all the necessary power and signal conditioning to actively control these gyroscopes in a much smaller form factor than the standard cards available. They software tunable using a USB connected tuning application that includes Bode Plot, Spectrum analyzer, digital notch filtering and more used for digital parameter adjustment. All of the tuning parameters are stored locally in the GCU's memory. This powerful software includes the ability to set the digital filters frequency and steepness, Spectral analysis as well as run a complete Bode Plot to verify the bandwidth of each unit. And more.

Our GCU cards are a Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product. MaxMetrix is pleased to reconfigure the circuit card assembly printed wiring board (PWB) dimensions and mounting hole placement to fit your specific requirements. Often the cost associated with making these changes can be amortized over the first production unit (quantity > 50). These changes can usually be accomplished in less than six weeks.

Customizable parameters include:

    • Circuit Card form-factor
    • Mounting Hole Placement
    • Choice of I/O Connectors
    • Extended Temperature Range
    • Output Gain and Scale Factor
    • Digital Output