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G2000 Gyro Control Unit

Interfaces to:

Northrop Grumman G-2000

Maxmetrix's GCU-2K1 is a complete digital signal processor (DSP) designed specifically for the Northrop Grumman, G2000 Dynamically tuned 2 axis rate integrating gyroscopes. This unit provides all the necessary power and signal conditioning to actively control these gyroscopes.

The GCU-2K1 includes GYRO-SETUP, a USB connected tuning application that includes Bode Plot, Spectrum analyzer, digital notch filtering and more used for digital parameter adjustment. All of the tuning parameters are stored locally in the GCU's memory. This powerful software includes the ability to set the digital filters frequency and steepness, Spectral analysis as well as run a complete Bode Plot (see Plot below) to verify the bandwidth of each unit. And more.

This is a Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product. MaxMetrix is pleased to reconfigure the circuit card assembly printed wiring board (PWB)
dimensions and mounting hole placement to fit your specific requirements. Often the cost associated with making these changes can be amortized over the first production unit (quantity > 50). These changes can usually be accomplished in less than six weeks.

Customizable parameters include:

  • Circuit Card form-factor
  • Mounting Hole Placement
  • Choice of I/O Connectors
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Output Gain and Scale Factor
  • Digital Output


G2000 GCU Fly Sheet (.pdf)

G2000 GCU User's Guide (.pdf)


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Gyro Setup

gyro setup


Bode Plot

bode plot

Notch Filters

notch filters

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